What do you know about Davidian today?

Emerging in 1930 from within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination ("the church of the Laodiceans"), the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association has ever been committed to the prophetic work (predicted in Isaiah 52:1) of preparing the Laodicean church, the last with the "tares among the wheat," for the final proclamation of the gospel "in all the world." Matt. 14:14.

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What is health reform?

"Health reform" means to be right with God and man, with yourself and withal your habits. Most people are more careful of overworking than they are of killing themselves with overeating, and though they pretend to do this for the sake of their health, under observation this class of folk will be found to be reckless with their bodies in sinful pleasures and sacrificing their health by perverted appetite. ..

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A Brief History of the Shepherd’s Rod
The fact that you have gone this far, may just mean that you are willing to at least give fairness a try. History may not be the most important aspect of our treatise, but before delving into the doctrines, one of the very important questions we must answer...
144,000 Literal or Symbolic?
If the 144,000 is symbolic of millions, then it would mean that it is not so exclusive. It would suggest that much of the church would more than likely be saved. If it is literal, then it would indicate that only144,000 living saints from the church will be saved…
Can Adventist Be Around If There Is A Slaughter?
One of the questions that sooner or later comes up is, how can Adventists be around to persecute their own brethren during the time of the Mark of the Beast decree when they are all dead from the slaughter of Ezekiel Nine? 

Davidian Studies Done on Zoom

Studies were and are continued being presented sabbath after sabbath by different presenter, it is our prayer that, these recorded studies will continue to unite and edify the people of God.

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The Judgment And The Harvest

This tract shows how names are retained, and taken out from the book of life. It is a most wonderful study on the harvest .There is also a supplementary reading to this book.

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The Great Controversy Over The Shepherd's Rod

An in-depth understanding of what transpired in 1929, including full history of the rise of the Shepherd Rod movement in the Seventh-Day Adventist church.

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The Leviticus of GADSDA

Provisional in set-up as well as in name, the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist Association exists solely to accomplish a divinely appointed work within the Seventh-day Adventist denomination,

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