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Why Didn’t He Have Visions?

Why Didn't He Have Visions?

Many often ask, if Victor Houteff was a true prophet of God, why didn't he have trans-visions?   The answer to this question is best explained in his own words:

   “It is never safe for one to base his decision regarding a message from the Lord on the manner in which it is received.  Supernatural experiences are not the strongest evidence of one’s connection wit Divine power.  In fact, they are not necessarily proof at all, for there are many doctrines and faiths built upon one miracle or another and yet wholly devoid of truth. . . .

   “Neither should one forget that not all the prophets of the Bible had trance-visions.  David and Solomon recorded, not what was given them in vision, but what they received through other means.  And John the Baptist was called even more than a prophet, yet there is not a single prophetic utterance recorded by him, nor is there any record that he was ever taken into trance and given visions.  He was merely an interpreter of the writings of the prophets.  Thus God spoke at sundry times in divers manners through His prophets. (Heb. 1:1).

   “It should be noticed, though, that only a small portion of Sister White’s writings was received through trance-vision.  And the things shown in such visions are, as a rule, prophetic–looking forward to some future event–and, more or less, addition to the prophecies, not interpretative of them.

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