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The Miscellaneous

The Entering Wedge - The Genesis Of Diet And Health

This health-bringing agent is in some respects similar to that of the Gospel, because no home, be it Christian. Jewish, or Heathen, can afford to be w...

Ew / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

Fundamental Beliefs

This book contains the fundamental beliefs of the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventists organization along with additional doctrinal informations....

Fb / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

1950 This General Conference Special

This General Conference Special to Seventh-day Adventists resolves the questions:...

Gcs / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

The Leviticus

This book contains the constitution and by-laws of the organization, the way it functions....

Lv / Victor Houteff

The Miscellaneous

Mount Carmel Training Center

In such a propitious setting, it was raised up at this late hour (the "eleventh" -- Matt. 20:6) in the history of the gospel, as proving grounds for t...

Mctc / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

Military Stand

Providing answers to both church and government on the position of a Davidian when it comes to Military duties....

Ms / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

The Shepherd's Rod Pocket Edition

This Tract summarizes various topic of the Rod, mainly an in-depth explanation of the 144,000 in a pocket edition style....

Srp / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

Un-Adventist Activities

How the research committee back in the time of Brother Houteff responded to the Rod message. Please read for yourself, reporting Un-Adventist Activiti...

Uaa / Unkown

The Miscellaneous

The White House Recruiter

This book appeals to SDA’s who fully embracing the gospel call of the eleventh hour show their talents for the saving of souls to God's Kingdom....

Whr / Unkown